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What happens if I stop paying host for a web with several pages, and my account is in the free stage?

I know that the free stage account gives a maximum of 2 static pages per project.

But what happens when I publish a site (paying host) so it can have more than 2 static pages, but then stop paying for the host?

Would these additional pages be deleted? Would I be able to modify these pages in the designer even though my free account doesn’t give me more than 2 pages?

I’m a little confused with this. So any help would be incredibly appreciated.

I believe you won’t be able to publish your site after doing modifications after canceling your plan. But the one that is already published will stay as it is. No pages will be deleted.

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You’ll still be able to edit all of your pages and publish to a domain. But you wont be able to add anymore pages. Also, if you delete any pages, you will not be able to get them back or add new pages in their place.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks! That solved all my doubts. :grinning: