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What embedHTML have priority?

Hi, can someone explain the hierarchy of embedHTML? It’s not a first time when custom code works when is placed in Designer navigator, but not works when is moved into page or project . I really do not understand in what situation where I have to place custom code. Is a bit frustrating that I have to try 3 different places to see where code will work.

My first guess was that code placed in project settings in <custom code> has priority and overwrite everything that’s clearly not a true. Is embed in Designer navigator only for immediate results to avoid switching there and back from code in Page or project section? What about placing code in Page itself. I will understand if code will work no mother where I will place it and only be careful about priorities what embed overwrite another embed.

This mean I can write code in embed in project navigator to see if works, then move code into page section and if necessary ( some code that can be global ) move to project setting. Or just move there all code to be in one place.

But like I have mentioned I have already a few cases where code works ONLY IN ONE OF THESE three places. If anyone can clearly explain why, or point me to documentation where are priorities these 3 places for custom code explained in detail to learn more how they work to use them correctly and save time in the feature.

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