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What downside is there to using combo classes?

Recently, I worked with a developer who really didn’t like the combo class approach, and rewrote all my classes, and got rid of all the combo classes. I wondered why, so I asked him, and his explanation was somewhere along the lines of “so we can integrate the same classes in our web-app site”.

Makes sense, I believe there is no such thing in normal CSS as a “combo class”?

I’d like to hear your thoughts. What kind of downside can there be with combo classes? Should I continue to use them, or is something like the Finsweet client first system better?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with combo classes. This is just a term for combining multiple classes to create a single selector. It isn’t a hack. This is a normal thing in CSS and is efficient when used correctly.

Finsweet’s client first approach uses combo classes too. They just recommend using them in a way that won’t cause headaches (not overstacking, keeping spacing in global classes, etc.).

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