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What does the Starter Plan give me?

I would like to create a portfolio and am new to building a website. I have read what is allowed in the Starter Plan but it doesn’t seem to be worth anything without add-ons. Are there any examples of what a site looks like with this plan? Is it worth for free usage or should I move to another site?

Hi @Anastasia_Penn,

Webflow’s features and pricing are split into Site Plans and Account Plans. The Starter Plan is an Account Plan, which ultimately doesn’t have an impact on the type of site you’ll be able to create.

If you’re planning to purchase a Site Plan to have your finished website hosted on Webflow, you’ll likely be just fine with the Starter Plan for your Account Plan. Without a Site Plan, your site will be hosted on a Webflow subdomain and you’ll only be able to create up to two pages. Those limitations are removed if you purchase a Site Plan and host your site with Webflow.

I would consider upgrading from the Starter Account Plan if you need to export your site’s code after building in Webflow and/or if you’re going to be building several sites in Webflow, as the Starter Plan only allows two projects.

Does that all make sense?