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What does Hide Branding from HTML actually do?

In the Dashboard page
Hosting settings…

It reads Hide Branding from HTML
what exactly does this do?

My goal is to get the webflow.css and all other referecnes to webflow out of my code so my client doesn’t see the super tool I’m using.

Right now I have to do a search / replace for all webflow instances and replace with anotherTERMsetBYme

p.s When I did this earlier, it replaced I believe 206 instances ;0

gotta do self-hosting for this… and a lot of find / replaces

I love webflow… I don’t want my client knowing “how easy it was” to use.

Some people here will disagree with me.

i’ve been talking about this matter in general, i mean on Webflow or other tools it does not matter
if the client knows or not, it looks easy but it’s not if you don’t have the basic html skills or good taste for design, yesterday i was showing a friend of mine that whatever software you choose, you have to create the design,look,feel and style, unless you are using a template and just filling content, but if you start from the blank template your site basically starts the same if it was done on a word document.
Most of my clients like to host their sites on their own hosting and when exported there are several
references to webflow on the code,css and more, Yes the bad thing is that you will have to replace
all the 206 or more instances everytime you update, would be cool to have a White label code as well.
Maybe soon? Not sure what the Webflow team thinks about this subject?

Why do you want to keep your tools a secret? I think this is a very strange way of thinking. As a print designer, you won’t keep Indesign a secret no? Or as a logo designer you won’t keep Illustrator a secret, right?

Before I was using Photoshop was my main tool for webdesign. Very easy to use. Now I’m using Webflow, also easy to use. Because I’m a designer, and that’s my job: Designing.

Yes Designing is a job EVERYONE can do. But some better as others. Whatever tools you use don’t really matter, as long as the quality of designing is good.

I love to tell my clients about Webflow, and I’m eager to convince them to use it with my designs!

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Maybe it’s too easy for him to use, but some clients really dont have the time
to modify their sites, or they are not familiar at all with design tools but there
are many designers thinking this way, i’ve been hearing that a lot over the years.

I dont want to keep it secret that i use Webflow, but i really like people can see in the html that i designed this website!
So thats why i will have somthing like this: