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What do you think about my logo?

I’m working on a logo for a printed T-Shirts brand. I can draw and paint but don’t have experience as a designer. So I would appreciate your opinions so I can improve my work. Ceptro means Scepter in Portuguese by the way. Thanks.


I think it’s great. It’s original, it works both big and small. Both logo and logotype can work alone and together. Without knowing more about the company I think you have done a great job :smiley:

Looks really nice and sharp.

Welcome @davec38 to the Forums. A nice logo you got there, very clean and simple. :sunglasses:

Very good job, I like it.

Looks cool! One thing I would recommend is to move the “c” in ceptro a bit closer to the “e”. Same with the “r” and “o”. Or, you could space out the “e, p, t, r” a bit more to even it out. The spacing between the letters should be as even as possible. Otherwise the logo itself is a nice font treatment.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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