What do you all do with this issue?

YOu add a video hero page or a hover interaction on a element but then on the mobile device end, its useless. I have 2 pages that look odd since the vid dont play and there no mouse to activate the hover to guide people to the site. These effects are nice on pc and all, but on mobile its throws everything off and leaves a blank area of nothing. I tried deleting the hero video on the mobile end but it also deletes it from the pc end. I tried replicating the page and make it visible only on mobile but it also acts funny. Can you guys recommend a solution besides eliminating the effects? Heres the page. Noticed how i have a “photography desktop amd photography mobile”…? I tried doing that but cant seem to get it to work. Look into the “test web design” page. That one has the hero video, if you activate the mobile tab, its just a blank wall. How would you alter that?

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