What do these icons mean?


What do these icons in the UI mean, and how can I change the settings of containers to match the others?

hi @TheChris these are predefined WF UI icons for fast overview of their purpose and you have no control over them. You can find more on:

Thanks Stan,

I went through all of the videos you provided. None of them really get to my question. The little UI icons must mean something, otherwise the icons could all be the same icon, right?

I’m particularly interested in the square icons with the two lines inside. Sometimes there is just an empty square, sometimes the lines in the square are vertical, and sometimes the lines in the square are horizontal. What does that mean?


hi @TheChris these icons mean exactly what element it is and how is called in HTML terminology. This mean you have visual feedback if element is container or section or whatever this predefined elements is.

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In your image you are using predefined navigation where these elements as section, container, link etc. have class assigned thats why they have different name (class name).

Is not hard to open WF navigator and spend some time to discover what these elements are, their principles and how they work. It will me much easier for you to understand if you invest some of your time to learn HTML as it is very easy and you can have basic understanding in one day.


Thanks, that was exactly what I wanted.


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Hi @TheChris glad to help, if you request was solved feel free to check any response as solution to mark this request as solved

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