What do I need to get the Contact Form to work off Webflow?

I want to be able to create a site in Weblfow and download the code to hand to a client to for use on their hosting service.

What steps do I need to take to make contact forms work on their sites?

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Replace them / add a form processor. Webflow’s form engine only works on Webflow hosted projects.

Hi, You’ll basically need a mailer script. When a user submits a form, all the data is sent to a mailer script, webflow does that behind the scenes but you need such script when hosting externally.

You can go for a PHP SMTP mailer script as PHP is pre-installed on almost all webhosts. If you have never coded before then you can hire someone who can write this script for you.

Alternatively you can also use third-party form builders that let you embed their form onto your website pages but the quality ones do charge on subscription basis so it can be a problem with some clients.

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