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What do i need? ecommerce, forum or blog?

I want to start a blog about cars! i want to review cars, write articles too.
i want users to be able to post thier cars and receive comments, likes.
i want to establish a buy and sell section too and to post there user should pay a fee!
so what do i need? ecommerce? foum or blogg?

Sounds like a portal…

is it? could you elaborate more!

A portal is basically a catch-all general term for websites that have many forms of content and features, and are usually closely integrated with one another (like same single sign-on account for forum users, user account for site-wide likes/comments, and order/customer account).

However, such a website is not doable in pure Webflow due to limitations.

See ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits for more info

It’s hard to say. I think you need a blog. But it would be easy to tell, if you gave more information.

You want to write article and also want user to post on your site - means blog is best for it…
but along with buy and sale section it needed some eCommerce idea…
If you are able to maintain all these things then may be its possible…

it will be ecommerce site, and that the nice idea … You can check My educational website rmssschool

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