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What do I do if I need more then two mouse clicks for a row of interactions?

hey there,

Im just wondering what I could do if I need more then two clicks (which are default) on one button,
to have for example three triggered interactions followed step by step (click after click) by each other ?

what I want to do:

I have a button, which makes things visible/invisible per klick. but I need three or more of these clicktriggers.

is the only solution making a copy of this button, making it visible with the second click, making the original button invisible, and using the two “new” click triggers of the new visible button ?

is there any other way I dont just see yet ?

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Yeah I tested trying multiple clicks too. It was challenging. It worked better in IX1 for this, but I like IX2 so I believe in moving up with the application. Maybe try simple adding 3 buttons side by side in a small div.

Have all 3 visible on load in just text (no color), when user hovers and clicks 1 it has a color or outline, but disables the other 2 (or fades them out with slightly lower opacity). User can see what you telling them for a guide on user experience. Then they can hover over another bring that button back to normal text, as the next click option.

Much easier to create and users won’t feel any difference; especially if you can make it fit the design. I think it’s a good alternative.

Hope that offers choices.

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@rico Just wanted to give you a virtual hug, mate :smiley: While struggling with the problem described here I almost gave up trying to find a way to do what I wanted. Then I noticed your topic. And while I cannot help you with solving your problem (or rather I think there is no native ways to do that in WF and you will have to resort to some not-too-elegant solutions like the one you described already) I suddenly realized that I finally have a solution to my own predicament! Invisible duplicate elements activated at the end of interactions to simulate continuous and relative movement! Yay!

I was able to do that already in the test environment and while the solution is a bit clunky and tedious in implementation (four times more elements and interactions) and I am still not sure if I want to use it in the actual project or should rather reconsider the whole design idea, but knowing that it is possible and I did it makes me way more comfortable. Thanks!

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Thank you to all of you here - Needed a way to have 3 or four different interactions on multiple button presses of the same element. While not ideal, this will work - and that’s all that really matters.

Many thanks <3