What control do client billing clients have?

I currently host all my clients sites and am just about to add client billing to these sites. In trying to explain to them the benefits I need to know what control they will then have over their site, like what would happen if I fell off my perch? Important questions to answer… Is there a list that explains what a client will and wont be able to do with client billing?

The only thing they can do is control the payment method and pay.

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My client wants to know what will happen if for whatever reason I am am all of a sudden not around, can they take control of their site in my absence?

No. Webflow has mentioned that they are working on adding additional user control with access control. Until they do your clients are left in a precarious situation. Turning the site over to clients is what companies like Finsweet do.

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Thank you, that provides clarity. This has been an ongoing frustration in not being able to offer customers the assurance they are looking for. Additional user control will certainly be a welcome and necessary feature.