What Conference Should I Attend?

I’m a current Certified Microsoft SharePoint IT Pro/Designer that is looking to transition to full time front-end development/ web designer. My question is what conferences or materials would you recommend to begin networking and diving deeper into the craft.

Hi @achatham

Welcome - you are in a great place to network - our friendly forum.


Fortnightly workshops with @PixelGeek

Archive here:

These two books are great:

Also check out further YouTube videos and tutorials here:


@PixelGeek own channel

Robert Smith’s Webflow tutorials:

@Ran_Segall has a range of videos, often featuring Webflow:

Ran also has a new Webflow masterclass available:

Hope those are useful!


Thanks @StuM!

I probably should have mentioned I’ve used Webflow for the past 3 years off and on. I created my old portfolio web site on it from scratch. I’m currently working on my new portfolio. I’ve watch Ran’s stuff and just started to dive into the further channel which are great materials. I also had a Skype call with Nelson about a year ago as I started to play with the thought of going full-time.

Now im at a point where its more real, I was just wondering about any conferences or if it was even worth the money/time. Thanks again!

Frontend work changes so quickly that you have to be willing to keep learning and improving your skills. These books you may interested in https://docsbay.net/15-frontend-development-books-to-go-from-novice-to-expert , a big jump start into the most used frontend tools & languages of today.