What can cause my website not to scroll

my site refuses to scroll after publishing although it works fine on the in-editor preview.

even deleted all animation and it still didnt work. What do i do?

Hey @abilfazal_taha!

The first thing I would check is making sure you haven’t set an overflow hidden on your body element! Make sure your Body element is set to this:
CleanShot 2023-06-09 at 13.48.30@2x

If you need to hide overflow the best practice would be to hide it on the individual section/div instead of hiding on the body.

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I agree with Austin if you have overflow hidden for the y axis you won’t be able to scroll. Make sure it’s not added to your body or any of your divs/sections.

If you’re still having problems with this after the advice above, please share a published site link as well. It’s often much easier to trace the problem origin through the published version.