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What are your webflow build requirements?

Hi Freelancers,

I find myself enjoying selling and managing website redesigns more than the design/dev. part of projects these days. As I look to expand as an agency I wondered what the webflow pros have to say about taking on projects and the requirements that go along with them.

I have my process, but I know that won’t work with everyone. So, I encourage you to voice your opinion about what processes work best for you.

For example, do you prefer the creative freedom of designing from scratch based on a creative brief or would you prefer PSDs as a reference? Paid by the hour or by the job? Are you a designer/developer/both?

Thanks in advance

PS. Shoot me a message with your portfolio link and process to be added to my database of available designers/developers.


I love designing from scratch based on a brief. It’s fun. But it is actually more efficient to design from a PSD or another reference and I can do that also.

I have an hourly rate, but I will usually quote by the project so the client feels more comfortable. An hourly rate can scare some clients off.

I am a design and developer - I also do graphic design such as logos.

I’ll be sending you a pm also. :slight_smile:


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What about signing non-disclosure or non-compete agreements?