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WF users in the UK?

I’m looking at Continuity Planning as I am a Freelancer (never meant to be but there you go!)

Are there any Webflow users in the UK? I’m based in North Wiltshire / South Gloucestershire border and would love to meet other freelancers or agencies that might be able to help.

@tim @Arthur Are in that area I think

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hello @Roxzfr Londoner here :slight_smile: Let’s chat! We have something exciting in the works if you’re able to travel to London.

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Hi Tim, I’m interested in finding out more (also based in London)…

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Thanks Rachel! Will keep you updated - removed your email to avoid you getting spammed :wink:

Hey guys Aaron here based in Northern Ireland though.

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Glasgow here. Get down to Wiltshire and London occasionally.

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Hi @tim, nice to meet you. I am in a small village towards the southwest, but only a stone’s throw from the M4,and London is very commutable, many people in the village do so each week, I also do have some clients in London. I like the sound of exciting.

Hi @aaronocampo, I spent some time living in Southern Ireland, thanks for replying.

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Hi @JohnL - I have friends in Edinburgh, whereabouts in Wiltshire?

Great! Private message me your email so you don’t get spammed :slight_smile:

Good morning! @Roxzfr I’m in the beautiful city of Bristolia - just down the road, 20-30 miles away! I’m the closest so far!! Do I win a prize?! Regards - Kai

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Hi, a bit far I know but if you ever get up north, I’m in Manchester.

hi @Keejo sorry - no prize! But good to know.

hi @1960creative I have family on the other side of the Pennines, so you never know!

Would be great to catch-up if you do venture up North.

Swindon. Drop me a message if you’re up in Scotland. We have an active freelancer & startup scene here.

Hi, I’m based on the Wirral, close to Liverpool and Chester, freelance digital designer & illustrator.

Hey @Roxzfr,

I’m a freelancer based in South Wales, not that far away from you at all. Quick drive up the M50/M5.

Feel free to get in touch!



Hi guys, @Roxzfr. I’m a freelancer based in the far west of Greater London :slight_smile:

@tim – intrigued by the ‘something exciting’ in the works – tell me more!