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WF Community Forum external links to open in a new tab

Very simple but really annoying - when reading on the forums every time I click something going back to what i was reading is a nightmare since it opens in the same window.

Go to your profile preferences:

and activate that:

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thanks for that as well (I feel silly now for not discovering it myself), very clever of webflow:)

You’re welcome :smile:

The forum is actually a Discourse product

Glad I found this before posting about it.

Is there any reason why this is not enabled by default? I can’t imagine why anyone would want to have links take them away from conversations in the forum…

Yes, a good practice stating you should only link in a new window when it’s really, really required (for example, opening a piece of help in the middle of a form).

You seem to think that a normal link is taking you away from where you are, but it’s actually the opposite:

  • on desktop, it’s as easy to click back than to click the previous tab
  • on mobile, it’s harder to tap tabs then locate the previous tab than to swipe left to browse back

Also, browser are equipped with shortcuts to open in a new tab, with both the options to navigate to thenew page instantly or load it in the background.

Thanks for the reply vincent, this discussion is starting to intrigue me now :smile: For the sake of conversation, I’m going to throw my .02 into the ring.

You mention help in the middle of form requiring a new window, and I completely agree - as long as said help can’t be displayed in some sort of pop-up. I can see two reasons why a new window is required during this example:

  • You don’t want to lose your form data (main one)
  • You need to complete an action on the previous page afterwards

Now when it comes to forums, no matter what the discussion is about, the user who started the thread is probably looking for a response of sorts - this is your action. As soon as you navigate away from the page, you are left without the ability to respond without going back, something the original user is hoping you do in some form. You’ve now made it harder for someone to respond by giving them an extra step just to get back in the conversation.

Regarding desktop and mobile links, I think we have a bit of different idea on ease of use.

  • With my desktop, when I click a link that opens in the same window, the amount of time it takes me to go back or click a previous tab is roughly the same - maybe even slightly easier to click the previous tab depending on how many I have open. Plus if I want to keep my new destination open, like if I need to check back between the two, I have to open the previous window it’s its own tab.
  • With my mobile, when I click a link that opens in the same window, I now need to reload the previous page just when I want to respond, instead of either switching tabs (not too difficult in Lollipop) or simply clicking my device “Back” button, which then closes my new tab and takes me directly back to my previous one.

I consider myself almost an over-user of the “middle scroll click” to open a new tab, so I’m no stranger to this process, but I always found myself confused by links in these forums for some reason. It dawned on me that this has been the only forum I’ve utilized that I can recall (I just went back and checked two others to make sure) that doesn’t open all links in a new tab.

Anyway, now that I have my settings adjusted to open links in a new window, there is no more confusion on my end. Just thought I would stir the pot :slight_smile:

Webflow should put Vincent on the payroll :smiley: - Vincent, I just want to acknowledge and thank you for all the great assistance you give!

That is very nice of you (: I really appreciate it.

Can I call you Agent K?

You’re very welcome Vincent.
Webflow seems a great product to me, and very generous users like you enrich it - thank you.

Kim Jordan