WF Chauffeur Booking Website


Current front-end: JET Transfers (preview link)

Looking to duplicate the functionality of this website in terms of booking a vehicle:

Looking for back-end advice and wizardry on how we should go about completing the same thing on WF with custom back-end

Key functionality includes:

Pick Point A
Pick Point B
Distance in miles * rate per mile
journey time * per hour rate
Select vehicle
(3 vehicles - each will have a different multiple based on the class (executive / luxury / mpv))
Price Output
Input journey meta details

Looking to output this info in £ GBP where users can go on to book & pay, like the OTS example shown above.

Thanks in advance

There is no custom back-end option with Webflow. You can create collections and data in them. You can create custom code that renders on the front end.

Webflow would not be my choice for this type of project.