We're moving the assets panel

Hey Webflowers! Just writing to let you know we’ll moving the assets panel to the left sidebar soon. This is purely an organizational decision and no changes will be made to the asset manager itself (keyboard shortcuts are still intact).

Why move it?
We have a ton of great features coming in 2017 and we need to shuffle some panels around in the Designer to accommodate them. Moving symbols and assets to the left panel is an early step toward getting these new features in place.

In addition to freeing up some room in the right sidebar, placing symbols and assets in the left sidebar makes more organizational sense. It’s always felt a little strange that some things are added from the left sidebar, while other things are added from the right. With this update, all of our additive actions will be in one place:

  • Add Element
  • Add Symbol
  • Add Page
  • Add Assets

Although it might take a little getting used to, the left panel will feel like the most natural place for your assets. We think you’ll be excited about the interactive features we’re working on for the right panel.


Thanks for the heads up and providing a reasonable explanation!

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LOL…I hate to be that person…but is there any reason why it wasn’t added to the panel with elements and symbols? That seems to me the most natural place for it.

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Hey @dapitts08 it’s definitely something we considered initially and it makes sense given the current state of assets. However, we plan to do a lot more with assets in the future and we’ll need an entire tab for assets as we add more functionality.


ohhhh… it’s that person.

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Nice!!! Can’t wait :)Thanks!!!

@Revolution LOL!!!

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It’d be good to add a tab for symbols the same way (that is, just below the elements tab). This would make the symbols panel easier to notice and reach. I think this has been requested already.

I would support this change because I am on the same page when it comes to visually dividing additive actions, as you call them, from “adjusting actions” (that is, adjusting style settings, plus html hierarchy positions). For the sake of a tiny theoretical digression, I’d suggest my own speculation on the rationale of such division: http://cogsci.stackexchange.com/questions/2056/any-research-on-right-hand-left-hand-based-preferences-when-interacting-with-an

But what I definitely do not support, is how such changes in UI come out of the blue, without a preliminary testing & discussion period, open to any Webflow user (A separate wishlist for UI issues).

@webflow @nate Great that you guys are communicating in advance this time![quote=“uzzer, post:7, topic:40085, full:true”]
It’d be good to add a tab for symbols the same way (that is, just below the elements tab). This would make the symbols panel easier to notice and reach. I think this has been requested already.
I agree with that.

I wonder whether the order your screenshot shows the buttons from top to bottom is the most logical one. I’d love to see the Pages tab as the first one.

@nate - I like the concept you put forth of Assets to the left and Adjustments to the right.

Symbols, Pages/Templates, Collections, Images are all Assets. Makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the heads up prior to implementation, very helpful …

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I hope that upgrade for assets will give us ability to use folders. and delete multiple pics with one click :wink:
Cheers to all what you have done already


Absolutely – that would be a dream. I wish there was a setting where you could prevent uploaded images from being saved in Assets. At the end of developing the asset area is like a trash heap.


Hey guys,
Sorry to be that guy, but I think the asset panel on the left, opening on the top of the canvas and hiding everything under is simply really bad UX

–> see sreenshot

I have a picture on the left hand side side of my page - once I click Assests Manager to select the picture from my assests, the panel comes on top and hides everything

try it yourself !!

Love the new UI colors thaugh :blush: cheers guys

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This is clearly the biggest drawback to this approach, but it’s a compromise we felt comfortable making in the interest of getting new features in the product and bringing more logical organization to the Designer.

This won’t always be an issue though, we have some ideas on how we can make this asset selection experience easier and prevent it from obscuring the node that you’re placing the asset into.

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Yes please, i want this everytime i need to delete a bunch of old stuff from a site !!!

I agree. This makes for a very bad design experience and a substantial hick-up in workflow. So much so that it should have been held off until the “some ideas” were complete and ready to launch.

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