Weirdness in Tablet & Mob modes


I’ve got an H2 heading ‘What Our Clients Say’ (with a red background whilst I’m trying to work out the problem). On tablet and mob modes the H2 (class name: TPSectionH2) seems to have a massive amount of top padding on it. But it says top padding 0.

I just want to move it down so it’s got some space above it in the section it’s in.

I’m not sure what the cause is. If anyone could help I’d much appreciate it.

Many thanks


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It appears you are floating your hero section to the left in the non-desktop modes. That is why you have a massive amount of top padding on your TPSection H2. Change your Hero to none for float. Then change your HeroDiv to be positioned relative and set a top pad to push the HeroDiv down a bit. At that point you have now separated your Hero area from your TP Section.

Thanks Joe, I really appreciate your help. I know just enough web design to be dangerous! :grimacing:

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