Weird text movement

Hello Webflow Forum!

I am looking for some assistance with a new site that another person designed for me and is no longer involved. Not a techie myself, but trying to care for a few items with your help hopefully:)

On my site, the area where the text is for each product (on the individual product detail pages) seems to justify to the left and right edges of the text box that the wording is in, and when you change the size of the browser window (ie grab the right edge of the google chrome browser and drag it to the right) the text moves in and out with the browser moving in and out (if that makes sense) – sometimes to the point the last sentence of the product detail vanishes!

When I contacted Webflow support to ask them, they said they couldn’t see anything ‘technically’ wrong that would be causing this effect and suggested I ask the forum community.

How do I stop that happening? …ie so the text doesn’t move about of its own accord when the browser size is changed.

Thanks so much in advance for your help

Here is my site Read-Only: