Weird text at bottom of published page


There is some weird text appearing at the bottom of my published page (every page, after the footer. It is not appearing in designer view, just published site.

LIJ-13239292 1234 DE247X 1234 Company ABC A great company This is a great job. Programming, financial analysis, and thought leadership. us 10012 Midtown Manhattan acct dsgn 38 44 C 4 $100,000-120,000 per year $5,000 for employees true R

Is anyone experiencing same thing ?

My site is

Here is my site Read-Only:
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That is XML in the page source. I would be interested in viewing the project read-only to check the document. If there is no code in the designer I would open up a ticket with support.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the response. Here is read-only link

Thank you.

If you republish does this XML fragment persist?

Yes it persists after republishing.

This is very disconcerting as it appears to be content injected into your page as part of the publishing process or more likely in the edge caching infrastructure. Please open a ticket with support and reference this topic.

Thanks for your help Jeff. I’ll do that. It wasn’t there before, just noticed it today. And I’ve been working on the site about a month. I’ll raise a ticket with support. Thanks.

Your welcome. I am pinging resources as well.