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Weird Slider Behavior


On my Home-v2 page, if you scroll down to the testimonials area (black background), I want to move the Slide Nav (the little circles) up higher but can’t figure out how to.

Any help is much appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @rhami

Did you try giving the .Slide Nav a bottom property? or margin-bottom?

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Thanks @avivtech this works but then the section height doesn’t change unless I manipulate it, which I was trying to avoid (wanted the section height to adjust automatically)

Ok, that is a different question :slight_smile:

The Slider element comes with ‘kind of’ minimum height of 300px. What you should do first is give the slider elements (.Slider 2) hight:auto (even though it looks like it already have) then the whole slider will shrink in height.

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Great that worked! So weird…