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Weird move of text on sticky div when scrolling

Hi All

I have a weird quirk with my sub nav, it’s a sticky div but the text moves a little erratically when I scroll… I don’t know why it’s doing this… could anybody shed some light?


Hey @tommyboy82,

Pretty awesome site you’re constructing there.

The reason for the ‘nav-links’ jumping like that is due to a line height setting (for your font), on the ‘current’ state for that link.

Remove the line height and you should be good to go.

See image below:

Hi @knk

Thanks for the kind words… it’s getting there… never attempted a site like this on webflow before :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, that’s fixed the jerky text.

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Hi @tommyboy82,

Sorry to chip in with a question rather than a solution - I hope it’s ok as your problem is already solved!

Please could I ask you how you achieve the smooth scrolling and the circular mouse pointer?

Love the site!

Hi @Andy_Vaughan, No worries, thanks for you kind words… still a way to go till it’s finished.

Yeah sure, I used these two…

*Smooth scrolling -
*Custom Cursor -

Pretty straight forward and easy to follow


Very much appreciated dude! :slight_smile:

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