Weird inheritance when I try and make a new blog post

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a blog. I’ve been successful so far at design, forms, etc. The problem starts is when I want to make a second blog post, when I do that, it clones that post and changes the first one into the one I just made.

Here’s the link:

Any help would be wonderful. I’ve attached some screenshots, I think it may have something to do with “Blog Templates.”

Thank you so much!

Sorry about that,

Hi Montana,

You currently only have one blog post. You can create another one by clicking the New Blog Post button.

Hi @memetician,

When I create another one, for example I just made one called “Testing” it’s just a clone of “The Toaster Salesmen”, e.g:

So when I make a new blog called “Testing” it clones “The Toaster Salesmen” but any changes I make to “Testing” it then effects “The Toaster Salesmen”. E.g.

It also effects:

It must have something to do with “Blog Template” but I’m not sure, this is puzzling. There’s some weird inheritance happening.

Could it be the “Connections?”:

Your template page doesn’t appear to be using any of your blog content, which means you just have static elements.

Editing those static elements would just change the static content that appears on all of your blog pages, which I suspect is where your confusion is.

You’ll want to check out the Webflow U so you have a good understanding of the CMS, collection pages and collection lists.