Weird grey box around Lottie Animation, only in Chrome

Hello everyone from Germany,

I am quiet new to Webflow and just started my first project and stumbled upon a problem where my knowledge runs into a dead end. Thanks in advance to everyone who spends time to help, it is highly appreciated:

I created a Lottie Animation with AfterEffects following some of the amazing tutorials in webflow university. Its basicaly a simple vector mask moving over a jpeg.
It works perfectly in Safari, Firefox and on IPhone and Android Phones. Only in Chrome I have a weird grey line/box that moves around the mask. Any ideas how to fix it or what might cause that problem? (I have done some research before, but the only thing I found had to do with mattes in after effects and i am using a vector mask)

The site is live: (you might need to scroll a little bit to reach the portrait picture animation I was talking about)

Thanks a lot guys!