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Weird flickering issues on scroll in chrome

I used to think those bugs come from the fact the page is forced to redraw some elements during scroll, that it could avoid. So when facing that I try to carefully check my layers and z-index.

All your cells are overlapped I’m sure, maybe something around this.

@Siton_Systems - Having removed all the hexagons the flickering issue stops, so its def caused by the hexagons.

@vincent @Siton_Systems - Is there any better way to get my hexagons aligned in the grid as they are without the postioning method i’ve used?


Hi again, i’ve put everything back to auto and it still flickers so i’m gonna guess it must be that webflow can’t handle all the hexagons on the page having the same complex interaction

Will leave site like this for the day if you wish to investigate. Thanks again to you both.

@brryant - Hey dude, do you know if having too many of the same complex interaction (in 2.0) would be causign the flickering issue im encountering? thanks :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t see how they wouldn’t overlap in a way or another.

The overlaps leading to visual glitches, I now remember, was mostly a problem encountered on Safari… So must not be related. Otherwais I would have tried to isolate each cell with a SVG mask and test.

Because when you remove the interaction, ther’s no flickering anymore?

Correct, if i display none the hexagons then the flickering issue goes away, so I think it freaks out with too many interactions on one page, even though they are all called upon seperately.

The site according to if you type in the websites url for testing comes back as a really fast loading website…so all in all very confusing.

I’m confused, I was asking if you let the hexagons visible and unlink interactions.

Also are they IX1 or IX2?

What happens if you let the interactions only on odd rows? (so no hex with IX overlap ?)

If ovrlaping + interactions re the issue, you should be able to find an elegant solution. As your grid is now, you have a dirty hover on the bottom of hex: when hovering the bottom of an hex, the trigger is placed on one of the two hex below, that’s just html logic, bounding box, box model thing. Maybe your interaction would be better placed on a dummy trigger, like an element in the middle of each hex, hence those triggers with IX never overlaping.

Interactions are IX2.

Cool i’ll look into all this once if i get a break during work and get back to you.

Thanks again mate :slight_smile:

Nah you’re welcome, I’ve seen this before and i’d like to narrow it down :slight_smile: So you’re the guinea pig :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

haha awesome, fine by me! :smiley:

Hope so, guinea pigs can be totes rad!

hahaha that episodes amazing!

FYI @vincent I gave up and grouped the areas into larger ones so less hexagons. Sites live now :slight_smile:

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