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Weird dropdown behavior

Hello! I have some weird dropdown behavior, can you please explain me why?

I have 2 dropdowns “Language” and “Share”. When we hover mouse on them, dropdowns appear from the fade and offset. Same when we hover out.
“Share” works as intended. But “Language” effects don’t work with the same settings when we hover out :frowning:
And when i published website, those effects works only one time.

I made a gif, so you can see at first time mouse hover dropdown effects works but in second and third they don’t work:

Published website:

And and another question. I have sticky column which i did with “sticky-kit”. When we scroll to the end of sticky column it’s disappear (i mean macbook image). How is looks:
Or if we change image position to “Relative”, image continue scrolling.
Can we do something to make the picture stay in place, when we get to the end of the sticky column. Not the disappearance or keeping scrolling.

Thank you and sorry for my English.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

up! sorry still can’t find a solution :cry:

@Edpenkov great question!

For the hover effect on your dropdown element it looks like you have the interaction on both the dropdown toggle and the dropdown parent element, try removing the interaction from the dropdown toggle:

For that image element I would avoid using custom code for the solution.

Instead make sure that the parent elements that are holding the MacBook are set to “relative” position, and then set your MacBook image to Fixed position.

@Waldo Thank you a lot for your help! :star_struck:

I removed hover effect from the dropdown toggle but it didn’t help :frowning: I tried to do any combinations on toggles and parents elements but results always the same: closing effect don’t work on the “Language” dropdown and after publishing, it works only one time on the first hover. (links in the first post)

And second question. When i set MacBook image to Fixed position it’s always was relatively to the body, not to the parent. And it scrolls across all page. Even if parent position is relative. How to change this? Or maybe I’m set something wrong?
I duplicated pages to show it:


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