Weird button linking creates an inexistent slug

Hey guys,

I’ve stumbled on a weird button/link behaviour.
I linked some link blocks with some sections for anchoring.
When I click the buttons it doesnt just put a simple anchor hashtag but a slug and a hashtag which is super super weird. For many years I’ve never got into such bug.

Website has a domain and I believe I never used the / slug… (this link doesnt exist) but if clicked on first option below nav menu which says “Incluziv” it generates such link…

Here is my site Read-Only:

Some of the buttons/links doesnt create that weird slug but it was just a copy of the previous element I should’ve work just the some.

This looks correct:

So it’s most likely something hijacking the link click.

You have a lot going on in this :smile:

Taking a quick peek I see a lot of errors:

It’s not super clear what’s going on without digging deeper, but my first thought is to clean a bunch of that up and trace what’s happening on link click (client / browser side).