Weird bug, child divs vanishing when leaving parent div boundaries

Hi All,

I had an animation that was working perfectly for a few months and it appears to be broken, i think ever since webflow released stacks etc.

I was wondering if anyone can help me fix it

Basically i have some divs that follow the users mouse and they have a blur effect. When the mouse leaves the parent div the div that follows mouse carries on along with it. Before it would keep going and subtle fade out. however now it is instantly fading breaking the soft glow effect.

This is the tutorial i followed origianlly so you can see how it should look, and this is how it looked for a few months, until breaking.

You can see in editor that it overflows fine, but as soon as in preview or live it is broken. its like the div leaves parent div boundries and instantly becomes display:none; - but nothing in the code would seem to show it is doing that, but that’s how its behaving

can access editor here

Bumping, really bugging me, think caused by Stacks release. I see its broken on here too now: border-effect - Webflow