Weird behavior of my "Home" page in Safari macOS Ventura - 13

Hi, am having problems with safari browser rendering the “home” page and only that page, he does not want to scroll down.

It’s weird to me because “Services” page has the exact same structure and basically the same Div’s ( same sizes, imputes and positions) and that is loading properly and scrolling and “Home” does not. I should mention that i made “Overflow Hidden” to “visible” and still the same behavior’s and i tried making the Sections inline-block and still nothing… even weirder when i copied the fist Section with everything inside from the “Service” page into my “Home” page that section to get stuck and didn’t wanna scroll.

— I Solved it !!! i had a poorly implemented “Lenis” code on the page which i forgot about, i removed the extra cod and now it’s scrolling properly —

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