Weird alignment change between landscape and mobile

Hi everyone,

I have this weird occurence of an icon refusing to align center in mobile portrait, although I didnt change anything between the break points.

Anyone having an idea of what could be the matter?

it’s in About, the accordion, the + icon ends up visually aligned bottom instead of aligned center.

here is the read only link

I’m grateful for any insight!

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Hey @LucievanB Your “accordion__plus-wrapper” has a margin-top of 15px that is the reason for not being center aligned

remove that by that way your desktop breakpoint “accordion__title” also is not aligned check with the “Heading 3” margin-top and bottom

Hope it helps :peace_symbol:

Please check the solution if the problem is solved.

amazing! thank you so much!!

Hey, @LucievanB glad to be of help can you mark the post as a solution if your query is solved.:peace_symbol: