[Weglot] Discover the latest updates (including subdirectories)

Hey everyone,

I’m Eugene from Weglot. I just wanted to give you a few updates on everything we are working on on our side regarding our Webflow integration:

Latest product news

Subdirectories (in beta)

Being able to show translated pages in a subdirectory instead of a subdomain is our most requested feature, especially for our Webflow integration. I’m happy to tell you that this feature has been available in beta for a few weeks! If you’re interested in trying it out, please send a message to our support team (support@weglot.com) and they’ll help you get started.

Variables (in beta)

If you’re using a lot of variables (like names on CMS collections pages for example), we just released a new feature to help you exclude those variables from being translated. This feature is in beta too but you can try it out easily. More information here: How can I add variables to my translations? - Help Center

Update Weglot + Webflow video

If you haven’t tested Weglot on your Webflow website yet and are wondering how it works. You can check out our updated integration video:

Weglot Agency Program

If you are a web agency or freelancer recommending Weglot to your customers (thank you :pray:), we now have a dedicated team to help you if you need anything. Please check out our Web agency page and use the contact form there if you have any questions: The best translation tool for your agency

On that note, I wanted to showcase a few examples of great Weglot + Webflow integrations that have been made by Webflow agencies lately:

If you’ve worked on a great Weglot integration too, please show it below!

And, of course, if you have any questions or feedback on Weglot, don’t hesitate to send me a DM or reply below.

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@eugene_weglot It’s great to hear the subdirectories option is now possible for Webflow + Weglot websites!

But as a Webflow-heavy agency in Hong Kong, we still do not have a chance to use Weglot for our clients yet.

Currently available options for Chinese: tw and zh
Available languages - Weglot

tw = Taiwan, only
It does not mean “Traditional Chinese” and it does not correctly represent switching to the Chinese language in places like Hong Kong and Macau.

And as websites usually need to have both “Traditional Chinese” and “Simplified Chinese”, zh will be occupied when Simplified Chinese is added (zh is more commonly referred to the Simplified Chinese).

So, it would be so great if Weglot can provide more options eg. hk, sg, mo, cn, etc.