Weglot custom language flag selector: I need to delete 2 unused flags

In my project, I was using 4 languages, but now, I will only use Italian as my first language and then I will use Weglot to translate it into English.

This is my project: Webflow - Enzyon

I have to say that before, English was my first language, and this also gave me the problem that Italian is in English, it should be Italiano (in Italian).

My problem is that I can’t delete the German and the French flags.

I tried with the code, but it doesn’t work:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.weglot.com/weglot.min.js"></script>
        api_key: 'MY API KEY',
        originalLanguage: 'it',
        destinationLanguages: 'en, it',
        hide_switcher: true  // Nascondi il selettore di lingua predefinito

Instead of MY API KEY, I used my personal one.

A specialist helped me put the flags into the menu, but I thought it was easy to delete them, but I need help. I’m not very good with Webflow. I’m learning to use it. Can someone please help me?

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for your message, I’m Corentin from the Weglot Support team and I’d be glad to help you.

I noticed that you also opened a ticket on our support platform and are in discussion with a member of our team about this subject.

I hope you were able to find a solution together.

Do not hesitate to reach out support@weglot.com if you have any question about your Weglot solution.
We are happy to help!

Let me know if you need anything else.
Have a nice day!
Best regards,

Hi Corentin,
I had some mail exchange with your support, but they told me, is not a Weglot problem.
Someone helped me put the 4 languages selector, with flag, inside the menu.
Maybe I didn’t explain it well. I don’t just need the flag to go away, but also the language. This, is for the French and German languages.
Can someone help me?