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Webview brower + Webflow site

Hello !
I have created some ads on facebook and instagram and I have noticed on Google analytics that visitors using Android webwiew on their mobile do not spend more than 4 secondes on site. This happens since Jan 20th.
These 4 secs are to be compared to people using Chrome or Safari (on their mobile) who spend in average 30 secs. Bizzarely, most of the mobile visitors come from Android webview.
On the other side, all desktops visitors stay in average 1 to 2 minutes.
Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem with the browser Android webwiew ?
Thank you !

Here is the link

Hi @angeleavelo, not all browsers support advanced css used in Webflow.

It may be the site is not rendering as expected in Android Webview due to the lack of support.

If you can help to share the site published url, it will be easier to see if there are any rendering issues.

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