Website with foxy help needed

Hi guys
I’m working on a client website with some e-commerce build on foxy
I have the folling problems :slight_smile:
A / the cart and add to cart button can’t be styled even with some class and so on
B / when added to cart i have an error message
C / my client is selling items with different weight so i would like to have a solution for this in tue cms and link to Foxy… any idea
Thanks a lot

Shoutout to @foxy for assistance.

@matthewpmunger Thanks for the nudge.

@Emmanuel_Hourquet Thanks for posting your questions/issues. Those all sound like things we can help you fix pretty quickly. Maybe we can hop on a quick phone/Skype call today to go through each issue and get them resolved? Please DM me your availability.


Hi Josh @foxy DM sent

Thanks @matthewpmunger for the tip :slight_smile:

@Emmanuel_Hourquet Awesome! Replied.


You got it. Glad to help you connect to the source. :wink:

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