Website with an App

Hi all. I have a client who has been taken advantage of regarding his website. He would like me to re-design the site which is great. The only problem is the original designers also created an App. Does anyone know if I can migrate the App?

What’s the website and what’s the app?

Hey there @Roxzfr

To what I know, you can’t “migrate” an app into Webflow.
You will need to make the site from scratch if you wanna use Webflow.


Thanks Guys. The website is and the link to the App is on the ‘homepage’. The guy who made this (WordPress) site also did the App, so it’s probably a template, I want to know if I can host / run it so my client does not have to pay two designers?

@vincent and @Blaise_Posmyouck

Hi Guys, any further help or advise on this please?

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