Website Webflow Build(s) Needed

I run an SEO/digital marketing agency and am looking for someone familiar with webflow that can do the following:

  1. Create a website in webflow using our Team account.
  2. Take an existing client’s website design and recreate the look and feel in webflow’s platform while updating any outdated design elements to a more modern feel.
  3. Create all necessary Objects for items such as main nav, footer, sidebar, Call to action elements, etc.
  4. Recreate approximately 25 interior pages from client’s current website, map to menu object, etc.
  5. Design page templates using objects for the home page, interior pages, contact page, and Team page. These will be used later for adding additional content by our team. All interior pages being recreated from client’s site should be based on one of these template pages.

Project initial mockup of home, interior, contact, and team pages to be completed within 10 calendar days of start of project. Revisions within 10 calendar days, final site ready to publish in no more than 30 days.

This build is based on a client’s current design and involves improvements not new design work, understanding Webflow is the critical element.

If we work together and the project goes well, I will have future projects to work on as well. Please let me know by email at: if this interests you and a rough idea of cost. Thanks.

Tim Walker
Managing Partner
Host Cloud Solutions, LLC
1 (616) 318-0588 Phone
timwalkerjr: Skype

800 Monroe Ave. NW, Suite 102
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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