Website utterly unresponsive on mobile device


I’ve been playing around with this site and for some reason, it literally freezes the whole of my Chrome/FireFox browser on my MotoG.

I’ve been discussing it in this thread (Can someone test this site on a phone?) and have tried a few things but nothing has changed the basic problem.

I have tried removing the scripts in the ‘services’ section but that seems to have made zero difference.

You still struggling with this then. Maybe clone your site, and then delete the home page to see if it’s specific to that page, rather than the whole site.

Try cleaning out all of the unused styles. There are a lot not associated with anything wihich might be having some sort of conflict.

Go to the Style manager panel and click clean up, which is in the top right.

Cleaned out the styles, not that I was expecting a miracle there.

Will try the cloning route.

Failing that, then another email off to support.

Yeah, unfortunately it might simply just be bug where your sites got corrupted somehow. I did try rebuilding your homepage quickly at lunch to try and see if it would take you long to start from scratch. And got this far in 30 mins, so think you could do it quite quickly if all else fails. As you’re just copying what you’ve already done. Here’s a link to my quick go, where I played with the responsive sizes a little bit.

Thanks dude!

OK, so here’s what I found out.

When I recreate the site, delete the current home page and set another, it works well.

Now here’s the kicker.

The site loads and the CSR page scrolls fine. I can open the mobile menu too. Now, if I choose any section but HOME on the mobile menu, it obviously opens up the original site at that page section. If I scroll to the top and try to open the mobile menu, then the site locks up. This seems to be pointing to the mobile menu being a bit of an issue.

I’m not sure how to create a mobile menu after it’s been deleted but will see what I can do.

Well, narrowed it down to my Services section being the culprit. Those stupid scripts are causing issues.

This page does NOT work on mobile:

This page DOES:

The only diff, the scripts are not present on latter one.

So, off to send an email to the client. Do they want a broken mobile site or not :smile:

Would someone just like to confirm that untitled5 page works for them as well?

Yep, untitled5 is working on my iPhone 5, although has a bunch of formatting issues. But I imagine that you have’t got to those yet in your build. But it doesn’t freeze up

Yeah, lots for cleaning up to do. Stupid scripts. well, gave the client the options. Either a functional desktop site with a broken mobile site(keeping in mind this is an Asian client, mobile is kiiiiinda big there) or a completely functional website without some irrelevant and stupid market graph. :smile:

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