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Website Updates


I am looking to hire a freelancer that can work on an existing webflow site. I need someone that can help with changing the existing phone number on all pages (basically header/footer and contact page to read:

New Patients: (embedded code to display tracking number - I have this code) - this needs to be styled to look similar to how it looks now
Existing Patients: (phone displayed as it is now)

In addition, I may look to add or modify existing design a little here and there and just need someone that I can rely on for hourly work as needed.


Hi @jared8 ,

PM sent, Please check.


Hi Jared,

Read to work for you.

Sending you a pm.


Hello Everyone - thank you for contacting me.

I have moved forward with someone from this. If I have further need - I will reach out.

Thank you to all who messaged me. I will consider in the future as/if needed.