Website update by excell?

Hi guys, I’m thinking of proposing my company (Healthcare) to let me redesign the whole website with Webflow. one of the most important parts is our section, where we list all our locations and doctors. This change is almost on a weekly basis, and I was wondering if I could do this with CMS using an excel sheet so someone that’s not a designer can keep this section updated.

Is this possible? Or is there the best way to do this as an easy update? or am I getting myself into a massive headache?

Here is the current link so you guys have an idea of what we need:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @landyi, welcome to the Webflow forum. :webflow_heart:

If you are not fixed on using Excel and Airtable is a viable option, you could use Nobull Airtable from @Finsweet.