Website Text changes on load

Hi Webflow community :slight_smile:

Do any of you awesome people know why this maybe happening? check link

Its driving me crazy - When you look under developer tools, all I can see is the correct font loading which is Google: Oxygen. its really frustrating

Read only link

Hi Daniel,

I’m not sure which text you’re speaking of that’s changing, but I’d be happy to help if you could provide more specific information?

Also, May I ask how you structured and styled your Products dropdown menu in your main Nav? I’m attempting something similar, but am running into challenges.

I’m sure someone else is going to ask if you’d be willing to share a read-only preview of your design? That, along with specifying the text that you witness changing on load.


  • Derek

The Font is Google font: Oxygen when you load that page does it reload the font for you?

As for the dropdown nav its a real pain, but massive props to @vincent and his sandbox for showing me how to do the dropdown on hover and go 960px wide, see link

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I don’t think it’s a Webflow bug. It’s based on how browsers load external fonts.

See these articles

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Thanks for sharing Sam,an is there away of loading inline fonts in webflow?


Invaluable, that link you sent, thank you! And to @vincent - So very helpful - Sincere appreciation, Brother!

I see what you’re saying about the Font Load Millisecond switcharoo. Looks exactly like what sam liew mentioned. Or, it could be this, that I just found.

This error is being thrown when I reload your site With INSPECT on, having selected the text in your first H3 line (ie Consystex - Construction Systems Technology)

Steps to reproduce:
(Browser: Chrome)

  1. Select Line and Right Click to open menu and choose INSPECT
  2. Note in the styles panel the CSS reference for the h3 class declaration: Click on that Link
  3. Note the CSS is Minified. Don’t go scrolling through just yet
  4. On the far right in a box I don’t know the name of, but Lets call it Investigator, You’ll notice a dark grey stop-sign with a Pause symbol in it. Turn “Pause on Exceptions” on.
  5. Press Command+R to reload the site.
  6. Note the Error message in the upper right. Click and Investigate further.

Without conjecturing further what this could be about (other than Typekit being called, and not Google Fonts - Strange), I do Hope this helps!

  • Derek
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Like I said, this is not a bug. You probably have an ad-blocker installed which is blocking the above-mentioned script file. Please disable all your extensions and try again.

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Also if its a bug, why has it never happened on my other Webflow hosted sites?

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Ok so it looks like Oxygen font from Google is the problem, I changed the font global and it fixed it. strange

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@daniel_cleayweb and @Derek_vdS thanks for the ind words! I’m thrilled that those demos still help :smiley:

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