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Website templates query

Hi All,

I am starting my own website to sell custom website templates (not wordpress yet). I know we can sell it to theme market places but for now, i want to do it on my own website. I want your advice so please guide me, considering me a newbie and in need of help :blush:

I developed a small random page in webflow, published it ( i am using free version for now). and when i extracted the code, in CSS, there was lot of minified code. I want to ask that, if i develop a website in webflow, and try to sell it as template to a customer, does it creates any objection ? i mean can customer ask me what is this minified code or remove it ?

I know this question may be dumb but i would appreciate if someone can please guide me that does this matter or not ?

thanks alot in advance

Just try man. See what your customers say. That’s the best advice.
Plus, if you go for a priced plan (which makes sense if you want to make money) you’ll get options to have unbranded code.

Thanks alot Diu,

What do you mean unbranded code ?

Also, i just wanted a general view that whether hand written code is preferred over generated code ?

Hi @jim_konng, this question really need to be asked from the template marketplace you plan to sell your themes… they all have different rules. Webflow is clean code, but some places only accept hand coded sites.

Unbranded code, means that you can remove the “Made in Webflow” brand mark. This does not remove all links to css, which is needed. You can choose to minify your code at export, or not, if you are on the Personal plan or higher:

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


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