Website speed HTTP 1.1 vs HTTP 2.0

Dear community,

This is my first time asking for your advice. I am struggling to improve the mobile page insight speed score of> 80 for this website []

From the waterfall above there is a 600ms switch from HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 2.0 and here seems to have the most significant delay. What do you think can be improved in this scenario?

What you’re seeing there is a redirect from http: to https:.
If you request in your test directly that redirect wouldn’t be required.

How can I get rid of the redirect?

Unfortunately, the page insight speed remains at 80 even without the redirect.

I tried to optimise the images to the max

Any suggestions?

No the redirect is essential.
What you need to do when you run your test is to use the correct URL, starting with https:

Anything else regarding page speed is going to be related to other things, and you would make other optimizations. For my client’s sites I can usually bring pagespeed up to mid 90’s depending on the content and scripts running.

Drop me a message if you need that.