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Website Social Sharing Displays Wrong Image & Text


When i share my website on social media sites, it will randomly show a picture from inside the site and some section text which I haven’t authorised in the page settings. is the website and this is what it will show:


When instead it show should this:

Am i missing something? Thank you. I really want to share my new site! :slight_smile:

You have not set an image under “Open Graph Image URL”, hence its just grabbing a random image from your site. If you point to an image in here it will show that image.

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Thank you! I knew it was something simple I was missing.

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You’re welcome! Personally I just grab the url of an image in my Assets library and paste it in.

Hey there! Me again!

I’ve done all the above but it’s still showing a random piece of artwork and text from the site, it’s not loading from what i inputted myself.

Still no answer? thats crap! This service costs tooooo much money to be doing this. It’s happening to me also. Still 2021!