Website site plan and hosting

I have hosted my website with a CMS site plan from Webflow, it’s live, it was quite easy to set up and all is good.

Before I had this website on Webflow, I had it hosted as a wordpress website through As of now I still have the domain name registered there, at with a hosting subscription, but the hosting is also (or only) going through Webflow.

So my question is: do I still need to have anything like storage space at while hosting is going through Webflow?

I don’t want to pay for anything that I don’t need anymore.

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If you have a hosting plan with Webflow for your project, you will not need a hosting subscription elsewhere.

The only thing you might need externally is if you have scripts that you’re accessing

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@magicmark Good morning to you and such a quick reaction.

That’s good to hear, I like the answer :slight_smile:

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