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Website SEO - i'm i going to loose google results

Hello folks,

i’m totally a beginner, we’re updating our website with Webflow. We’re currently quite ok in Google search results, and i’m just wondering are we going to loose that once we put the Webflow website live? The content is quite the same, mostly just and updated look. What action should i take to prevent this from happening?

I’d suggest to create a sitemap.xml (see Google for info on how to generate one) and upload it to Google WebDeveloper Tools. Ask google then to crawl your website again and it should be all good.

i also would like to know more about SEO.

How do you upload the sitemap.xml file to Google Web Developer Tools.
All i see is an Add/Test Sitemap red button, that does not give the user an option to upload the xml file…??

If possible, make all the page names on the new site the same as they are on the current site. IE: products.html should be products.html on the new site, if possible.

If you can’t or haven’t kept the same URL structure, make sure to do 301 redirects from the old name to the new name.

And do a sitemap.xml file, like @bartekkustra mentioned :smile:

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Ok, thanks guys. The problem with the URL is that i used to have a site built with, and their urls are pretty stupid like!services/c17ub, that for services subpage. And if i know have a one pager site with

Need to check out sitemap file as well and add that.