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Website Scaling Help!

Hi Guys

I am relatively new to Webflow, I have been building my site for a while now for the company I work for.
I am originally a Graphic Designer and a 3D visualiser and my boss asked me to learn Webflow to update our website… I have kind of been learning as I am going and I have designed the below…

I would like to be able to learn how to make this website scale a bit better… I am just really struggling and Im not sure where to look or how to do this!

Sorry if it is a silly question!


@Alex_Hubbuck - Can you further define what you mean by this? You could also include example images to illustrate what you mean. If people are confused at all about your request, it reduces possible responses.

I think I have cracked it on most of the site.

My issue is that the Grid does not scale down when viewing on a smaller desktop view. I know this is not just going to happen without me doing anything but I have no idea where to look or start!

As you can see in the images below, on desktop if I slightly drag the side for a smaller desktop it overflows, I know I can turn overflow off but I want it to be constrained within the section and to scale down when the section does, if that makes sense? I have fixed this on tablet and mobile view by changing the grid layout.

I feel like this is going to be a simple task but I just have no idea where to start.

Your problem is the size of your headings which push the columns wider. If you set it to 21px you will see that everything fits.

I knew it would be something as simple as that lol. Thanks!