Website ranking very poorly

Hey guys, I need help with SEO on my portfolio website.

Long story short, I have a problem that when you google my name Petr Solař, my website ( doesn’t come up on the first page, it is on the second page. I’ve seen every tutorial on the internet on how to rank higher with your website but nothing worked. I don’t need to rank first when you type Videoproduction in Czech Republic, but i want to rank at least in the top 3 when you google my name Petr Solař. There must be something I am doing wrong that is banning the site from renking higher. Please help me with it, thank you so much for your time.

(it is in czech, but you can change the language at the end of the website)

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - petrsolar

This is the final website:

I recommend you invest some time learning the fundamentals of SEO, from Google’s perspective. Here is a resource that should be read and followed by anyone seeking any significant ranking in the SERPs.

Try to improve your offpage SEO.

My chrome extensino has some SEO enhancment features you can use for your webflow site…