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Website placed in a root server's folder : the page is not found when choosing a section on other pages

Continuing the discussion from Linking to sections on other pages:

Hi @thierry_vilaysi, you can enable the section linking from one page hosted in Webflow to another page and section in Webflow, by constructing a url like this:

If you go to http:://, you can click on the Team link to see it in action.

Where in the example above, “team” is the page and “show-gallery” is the section unique id on the “team” page. That should work for you when using Webflow to host your site.

If you will be hosting the site on your own server, then you need to add the .html to the page name in the url:

You should put in the full path url, using the directory structure you have created to point to the correct page and section. If you use relative urls without full path to page, then you need to make sure that the pages you are using in your site are on same level, either at the root or in some sub-folder structure.

You can go to an example I have setup on an external server to see how it works on the external server, and click on the Team link.

If there is anything else that we can help you with, please let us know.

Thank you for using Webflow,


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Thanks for your answer.

But if I put the full path url linking to another server, build and test the website in Webflow is not very efficient.

It would be more easier with relative urls.